Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thanks Agent 86! And our advice is......

Quick!  Send Zap a fist full of your Iraqi Dinars, that will handle the problem perfectly!!!!!

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"Request for Help" Zap of the POOFness Updates is Needing Help (Update from Wendy of the Casper Camp)
This just in:
Zap has found himself in an embarrassing situation. He is having to move....and is short of funds.
​Can you please post a note to let the folks know....WE ALL need to help him....he's really stuck.

Everyone can use his paypal:
Even if it's just a few dollars it will help....he's caught between a Rock and a hard place....and is moving tomorrow.....but has no place to go....and is expecting money within a few this is temporary....but it will pay for a motel for a few nights...that would be great!
I know most people are sick of those looking for money....but in this case....we need ZAP to be available....he is a VERY IMPORTANT lifeline to the other side of the world.
Thanks ahead for those that can help Zap.​
Peace, Passion and Prosperity in this Life,

And now on a more measured note.....

                                                Melinda's Experiences in Activism

When I was still early in my time as a Libertarian, around 1978, I realized that a significant portion of the people who contacted us were disinformation agents. In those early days these tended to be eager to volunteer and would always want inject elements which seemed to be extreme and have the potential to either cause harm or be interpreted in ways most of us, who were very non-violent, did not intend.

I had realized there were also 'plants,' long term agents who could be depended on to skew a project toward failure or make sure it never started in the first place.

`On one occasion a query regarding whether or not an early organizing meeting had been recorded resulted in the very limited, but stunning response, that since the 'agent is still in the field, our request for records could not be supplied.

There had been seven individuals at the meeting. One of them made the request. This was the organizing meeting for the Libertarian Party of California in the very early 70s.

Moving agents into positions from which they could skew information was a natural outcome of the Internet and far less expensive than it must have been to pay for, and influence, the individual who had made the recording in the instance above.

Today disinformation sites, and individuals who skew the direction of the Movement are ubiquitous.

Their profiles have much in common.

They tend to be outs spoken, dramatic, egocentric, and consistently lead to causes and approaches which either defuse effective action or cause problems which eat up more resources than they create. They also raise the most money. And sometimes they go after efforts which promise break out and take them down. I have specific instances and these will appear in the book now being written.

Not all of these false starts are intentional. The culture created by the presence of these tends to create behavior which reinforces individual greed and recycles programs which have never worked. I came to call these 'reinventing the square wheel.”

And sometimes it is the ad hoc operatives, for instance the Kochs, who do the most obvious damage.


  1. Hi Melinda, Appears you are safely somewhere, We are glad. Did not know if you are keeping up with this jade helm treason or not. Just a heads up in case you are traveling. ~dmh

    1. Hi dmh! I'm safe for now and working on the cause of justice. Raye is in many ways just the most recent employee of Green Hills Software, assigned to silence me. I hold onto the fact this is the time when the light will shine through the lies and free us from the deceit which has destroyed so many. Thanks for thinking of me. It is vastly appreciated. God be with you. Melinda